Friday, 16 December 2011


Hi, every body. When we teaching Science, we have to teach it as interesting as we can so that will increase pupils' curiosity in learning Science. I found this video, is presented in form of stories where pupils are able to watch and know them clearly. I think pupils will love this, we may do some edition to suit our lesson.

Wednesday, 14 December 2011

4 Seasons in a Year (kids song)

Fun in learning seasons in a year.

Learning About the Seasons for Kids!

Teaching Science is amazing. I able to learn knowledge in Science. I appeciate the chance given. From youtube, i found these video might help in my teaching activities. Sometimes, i'm up and down to think of activities for Science year 5, i have to make sure pupils are not bored with my lesson and they will pay attention while i'm teaching. This video may help me. Hope same to you. If you have better ideal, please share with me.

Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Teaching Science

Teaching Science in primary school is so interesting. Pupils also have strong interest in learning Science. Sometimes i will face some minor problem in teaching while to help pupils understand the knowledge but with friend's help and internet search engine, i able to solve my problems.

I would like to share some videos that i get here. Hope these videos will make use in your lesson plan. When i teaching animal's external features, we have two ways discusion. We discuss base on their prior knowledge. I not able to bring the real animals to school to show to my pupils, while pictures can only show 2D. So i decide to search video through youtube. Finally i found videos that i can use in my teaching. These video interesting and colourful. Besides, videos also consist song. Pupils will like these.  

Std 3 - Science - Parts of Animals

This is a video that i use in teaching  Science standard 3.